Crazy Daisy


About the bar

A new unique cocktail bar in the centre of Prague. First republic atmosphere, videomapping show, a wide selection of destilates and wine, Prague inspired cocktails. Welcome to the kingdom of cocktails, where every night becomes an unrepeatable experience!

Our wine selection

There are more than 500 bottles of wine that come from different parts of the world in our vinoteca, including a rich selection of champagne.


Our bartender team prepares various cocktails inspired by Prague, as well as any other drink that you would like to get a taste of.


Every night in Crazy Daisy, there is reproduced music as well a resident DJ playing for our guests. The walls are decorated by permanent and dynamic videomapping, which is totally unique in Czech republic.

Molecular catering

Molecular catering in Crazy Daisy Bar Prague:

  • Commentated production
    of alcoholic ice cream
    A production of alcoholic ice cream with commentary. With a help of dry ice (Minus 79°C).Beautiful smoke effects to be seen. Commentary throughout the making of our alcoholic ice cream (headset required). There are about 30 portions of ice cream served. Ice cream of all the kinds and variations - f.e. gin/tonic, vodka sorbet, whiskey/cola. Preparation time 7-10 minutes.
  • Commentated performance
    A production of alcoholic ice cream in front of the guests for ca. 3 hours.
    Ice cream is being generated for the whole duration of 3 hours at a designated place with a commentary for all the incoming guests. The duration of the commentated performance according the agreement. There are 3 different kinds of ice cream being served - Plum brandy/vanilla sour, Vodka sorbet, Cuba Libre. It is possible to prepare different kinds according to your wish. The price is determined by the number of guests.
  • Molecular catering
    100 guests
    Time: 3 hours Molecular catering at a designated place including: 100pcs whiskey cream jelly candy in combination with strawberry liqueur 100pcs pear brandy (42% alcohol) jelly 50pcs alcoholic panna cotta made with cinnamon bourbon 50pcs aperol panna cotta 100pcs strawberry Daiquiri balls This catering includes a direct commentary for the guests. The portions served are fingerfood type, ca. 2-4cl. It is possible to make an agreement about different kinds of molecular drinks. A production of alcoholicic ice cream with a commentary possible to add.

What can we offer

We are a special bar. Use our complex service.

Bar catering

As a real bar, we offer complete service in the beverage category.

Events in Crazy Daisy

Unique experiences including the videomapping show for your clients.

For example a birthday party

Celebrate anything at any time at our place!

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